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Improper Foundation Support: Symptoms

Early identification of foundation problems will prevent more detrimental issues form occurring. Some clear-cut symptoms of potential or existing foundation problem are visible cracks, uneven floors or walls, and uneven beams.
  • Visible Cracks
  • Uneven Floors or Walls
  • Uneven Beams
  • Brick Cracks
  • Interior Wall Cracks
  • Leaning Chimney
  • Sticking Windows and Doors

Stabil-Loc Piers

​Before installing Stabil-Loc Piers, our first step is to excavate and expose the structure's footing. Following excavation we create a new support of the structure by installing Stabil-Loc Piers on firm bearing stratum or bedrock. After piers are carefully positioned, your home's load is transferred onto its new foundation pier system. Following this transfer, a system of hydraulic rams is used to lift you house to its original elevation.

Common Problems and

Wet Basement Solutions

​A good portion of our wet basement solutions involve sealing foundation wall cracks in poured concrete foundation. Cracks are readily visible in an unfinished basement; leaking cracks leave water where water first enters the basement, then searching the exterior for a crack. Most cracks extend to the top of the foundation wall, which is normally exposed above the soil line. Cracks can be sealed from the interior using our Epoxy/Urethane injection process or from the exterior using our Wall-Clay process. Both methods are very reliable in preventing further seepage through the crack and into the basement. 
Another common basement waterproofing problem is when the source of seepage is at the cove joint, where the floor and wall meet. Often this is caused by hydrostatic pressure, which occurs when the water table rises after prolonged rain or snow melt. The accumulated weight of water in the ground ( 8 pounds per gallon) forces water underneath the footing and up into the basement. The best solutions to this type of problem in the installation of Drain Tile System, with a sump pump used to discharge the water. The drain tile (called a French drain in some parts of the country) relieves the hydrostatic pressure by providing an easy path for the water to escape, thus addressed from either the interior or exterior

Foundation Waterproofing &

Grading Problems

Sometimes the diagnosis will show water coming over the top of the foundation., through the mortar joint between the brick that sits atop the foundation wall. This situation occurs because the exterior grade is built up above the top of the foundation wall, either by earth or by the previous construction of driveways, walks or patios. This can easily be confirmed by running a garden hose on the ground alongside the area in question. Water will usually enter the basement quickly, so we recommend that you stand-by ready to turn off the water at the moments notice. 
Often, lowering the grade is not a viable option in these cases. We usually recommend that an Exterior Subsoil Membrane be applied to the below grade portion of the wall in situations llike this. It only needs to cover the wall from teh soil line down and overlap the foundation by about 6 inches. Foundation waterproofing membranes are also very effective for waterproofing brick and stone foundations. 

Indicators of a Foundation Problem

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